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Our vacation is so busy that I'm behind on writing up the first episode reviews of all the new anime we've been watching!

Rail Wars!: Four young people apply to work at the security division of the Japanese railways -- among them of course a train nerd. They go through basic training like a breeze, and even arrest a pair of purse snatchers on the first day of their traineeship in the field, with everyone in the team contributing!
With a title like that, I expected something like "Library Wars", but it is nothing of the sort. The first episode is pretty much just an extended set-up, and gives the impression that from the second episode onwards, the real plot begins. It'll have to veer sharply off the beaten path to stay interesting, because I'm not convinced the daily life of a railway employee are that interesting (at least for non-train-nerds)...

Glasslip: A group of highschool seniors are enjoying their last summer vacation together in their hometown, a small sea-side town. Then a transfer student arrives, and he claims to know something about one of them...
The first episode is a lot of set-up, so there's not much plot yet. Still, the character traits of most of the cast are highlighted through an incident with chickens... It strongly reminded me of Tamayura, but since the cast is of mixed gender, it's less cutesy and the interactions are more complex. And even though the first episode is mostly set-up like in Rail Wars, we don't need a second episode to know we want to see this one.

Locodol: Nanako needs funds to buy a new swimsuit in order to attend the opening of the newly renovated swimming pool -- pretty much the only exciting thing in the provincial town of Nagarekawa. Her uncle, a civil servant at town hall, is willing to give her an advance for a job she has to perform -- which turns out being on stage as a 'local idol' during the opening! Nanako is a bit shy about it, and makes some mistakes, but in the end she and her colleague manage to capture the hearts of the audience.
"Idols" (either male or female) seem to be the 'theme' of this season. I wonder why this is such a 'thing' in Japan that there are countless manga and anime about people wanting to become idols. But this seems to be a much more down-to-earth thing (especially compared with some of the other offerings), and it was kinda fun.
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