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Free! Eternal Summer: The continuation of the first season of Free!. There's not much to be said about it: it's the same cast (though it seems someone will be joining them), with the same behaviours -- though Rin chilled out quite a bit, which I liked.
In short: more antics from the Iwatobi Swim Club! It's already in our to-view pile.

Sword Art Online II: When the top players of the top VRMMO "Gun Gale Online" are found dead in their rooms, something seems afoot! Especially when it seems that a mysterious player who calls himself "Death Gun" shot the players in-game... Kirito is called by one of his contacts in the government, and is asked to help them investigate this -- by playing the game, reaching the top and attracting the attention of Death Gun...
So basically, it doesn't have anything to do with SAO, except that it's just another VRMMO that's in trouble, and the same characters get on the case. But it's interesting none the less: and since you already know these characters, it's like you just have to sit back and enjoy the ride.
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