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And so, the first week of my vacation has passed: two more to go! We're having loads of fun, and we are even getting things done!

On Monday, we went to Amsterdam to visit the Stedelijk Museum. Good fun, though it's too big to see it all in one day. I especially liked two of the temporary exhibitions: Jeff Wall's photos because he takes carefully constructed pictures that seem almost accidental. And the exhibit about the show that Gijs+Emmy (two jewelry makers in the 1960's) gave at the Stedelijk: retro-futurism at its best along with some really cool head-and-neck gear!

On Tuesday, we got a new window installed in our bedroom. The double-paned window was 'leaking', so there was lots of moisture in between the panes. This has been the case ever since we bought the house (ten years ago!), but it was finally time to get it fixed. We also got locks for the window: with the extension behind the house, it's easy to climb onto the roof of the extension and then force the window open. Not anymore.

On Wednesday, we also did something long overdue: we cleared out a lot of debris from the shed. When we bought the house, we had the bathroom re-done. All the debris (and stuff like the old toilet) were still in the shed. Basically, trash taking up space. So we loaded up a lot of it (along with the remnants of my grandparents' leather couch that we still had in the attic) and brought it to the sorting station. Hard work, but the results were immediately apparent.
That evening, I had a session of Shadowrun -- we've wrapped up a scenario that we've been doing for more than a year now! (Yes, we're not very fast...) We also discussed some stresses that have been hiding just below the surface for some time now. Maybe the campaign will continue, maybe we'll go do something else during that time slot.

On Thursday, my father came to visit us, to watch "The Desolation of Smaug" with us. When "An Unexpected Journey" came out, we took him to see it in the cinema for his birthday, and we had planned to do the same with the second movie. However, due to all the stuff going on with klik's job prospects, we missed the opportunity to see it at the cinema. Now that the movie is out on disc, we bought it and watched it on our couch. Added bonus: pausing the movie to go to the toilet or to get new drinks!
That evening, I had another session of Ars Magica. We fleshed out our convenant a bit more, and the story progressed nicely. After three sessions, I'm getting more feeling for the setting and the characters.

On Friday, klik had to work in the morning, so I took that time to load the car up with more debris for the sorting station. That evening, we both took part in a session of "Oog Des Meesters" that I wrote about earlier. Good fun.

On Saturday, we went to Rotterdam to attend a workshop for baking macarons. That warrants its own entry!

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