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New anime

Hey, you know what? The new season started on July 1st. You know what that means!

Tokyo Ghoul: Ghouls exist, and they skulk around in Tokyo. Ghouls need human flesh to sustain themselves, but luckily they can go for one month per body consumed. But it does become a problem when there's a "binge eating ghoul" about. Bookish type Ken gets in the clutches of such a ghoul and is almost eaten -- but then the ghoul is crushed under some iron beams. Ken is rushed to the hospital, and to save his life, he gets some organs transplanted from the ghoul. Now he is a half-ghoul, and he has to come to terms with the fact that he needs to eat human flesh to survive...
Lots of blood-spattering violence, and of course there are much more ghouls about than you'd think. And of course there are some shady organisations dealing with ghouls (or indeed the ghouls governing themselves) -- at least, that's what's hinted at. It didn't work for us, because it seems to be a by-the-numbers shounen series.
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