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Old-and-New School

Yesterday was an exciting day for roleplayers the world round: the fifth edition Starter Set of Dungeons & Dragons came out. But even if you did not order the Starter Set (which I hear is an excellent introduction in the art of roleplaying), you can also download the Basic Rules for free. Apparently the aim is to have the basic rules compatible with every adventure published -- so it is expected that these documents will slowly expand to cover everything you need to run every adventure.
The 'three books' (Players Handbook, Dungeon Master's Guide and Monster Manual -- a fixture of every edition of D&D) will come out in August.
I haven't read the Basic Rules yet, but from the discussions I saw, it's like a good mixture of 2nd and 3rd edition goodness -- some people likened it to a good Old School Revival clone. It seems like D&D is back in the saddle.

But yesterday evening, we also went to play 'Oog Des Meesters' at D's. ODM is a Dutch translation of the German-language RPG 'Das Schwarze Auge'. The Dutch translation is the only RPG ever to be sold in chain toy shops in the Netherlands, and (for people of my age) it was the first RPG they ever played.
For nostalgia's sake, we went through the first, introductory adventure: the "Black Boar Inn". At times it devolved in slapstick, and if it wasn't for the spells of our mage, we would probably not have survived. Good fun, but it's also immediately apparent why nobody in my circles plays ODM anymore...
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