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Paranoia Bundle of Holding

As I wrote before, Rolemaster was the first roleplaying game I played. I think it was during the autumn break in 1987. And Paranoia is the second RPG I played -- we did a session of it to take a break from Rolemaster during that week, I think.

It's hard to describe the Paranoia setting without using lots of clichéd language -- but Paranoia did it before it was a cliché. It's dark (and, unfortunately, in some regards pretty prophetic) but also funny as hell.
And now there is a massive Paranoia Bundle of Holding going on! For a minimum of USD 24, you get a massive collection of rulebooks, expansions and scenarios in PDF format.

(I spend a lot of money on these bundles. Often, it's great stuff for ridiculously low prices -- and part of the proceeds go to charity too. If you like RPGs, then you should check their bundles regularly. Or, if you would like to get into RPGs, some these bundles are a great way to get started. Like this one: you get core rules, many expansions and scenarios to get you up and running in no time.)
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