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My cultural experiences are not the norm

Last Friday was the annual company outing. One of the 'attractions' was a pub quiz, and we were placed in teams to compete with other teams. My team consisted of 5 people, and I think I was the oldest at 41. The youngest was a (former) intern, who is 20.
The first round was a music recognition round: the quizmaster played half a minute of a song, and we had to guess both the artist and the song title. I was starkly reminded that things I take for granted are not universal cultural experiences.

For instance, my young colleague had never heard "Message in a Bottle" by the Police. (Or at least, not consciously -- it may have passed by on the radio once unnoticed, but she did not recognise the song at all.) And I was the only one who recognised "Does Your Mother Know?" by ABBA. I was amazed by that -- I would have thought that anybody older than 30 (and the other three participants were) would have lived suring the period where ABBA was ubiqutuous...

So I'm going to make a mixtape for my young colleague. Perhaps she'll hate all those 80's hits -- perhaps there are some that she likes. If you have suggestions for songs that I should have in my compilation, please leave a comment!

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