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Caching again

With the weather vastly improving, it's time to go out geocaching again!

A week ago, I came by the charming little town of Buren when I tried to avoid a huge traffic jam on the highway. It looked like a cool place to visit (if you're a geezer like me). And with the good weather that was forecasted for today, I took a look at the geocaches nearby. We'd do a cache and then visit the town.

We went for a multi that had a set of traditionals along the route, around a very small wooded nature preserve wedged in between meadows. It was very, very quiet -- well, you could hear lots of birds singing, bees buzzing and the wind rustling through the trees. You just couldn't hear any motor noise -- which is rare in the Netherlands: you can reach almost every point by car within 10 meters...
We did find the multi, but we didn't find some of the traditionals along the way. One of the traditionals that we did find, was a nano cache. I don't think we've found one of these before, and the reason for that is that they're so damn tiny!

Also, allow me to sing the praises of the c:geo Android App (Play Store link here). It used to be that I would look at the maps on the geocaching.com website, find the caches that interested me, and then collect the descriptions, edit them into a document, print it out... Lots of work.
With c:geo and the associated Greasemonkey script, I can send the cache descriptions straight to my smartphone. It's fast and easy, and we'll be caching paperless from now on. Well, we take a small notepad to take notes along the way (because during most multi-caches, you need to record some information so you can calculate the next waypoint/the cache location).
Then, from within c:geo, you can export the caches back to GPX-format (an open XML format for geospatial information). By putting the file on my Dropbox, I get the GPX back on my desktop, so that I can upload it to my GPS receiver in one go.
If you have an Android smartphone and like geocaching, then c:geo is the best app for that. And it's even free!
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