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Apr. 20th, 2014 @ 09:16 pm The purpose of the internet...
Current Mood: ecstaticecstatic
...is to bring you pictures of cute cats. Like this ragdoll kitten, Einstein. He is fluffy, cute and sociable.

Not under a cut because everybody wants to see this.
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3-eyed cat
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Date:April 21st, 2014 05:58 pm (UTC)
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It may not be very literate nor sophisticated of me to respond via a Youtube url, but this just sums up my feelings towards your artistic offerings perfectly:
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Date:April 21st, 2014 06:06 pm (UTC)
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It is exactly this sequence that I had in mind when I posted that Einstein is 'fluffy'. Luckily, he doesn't have a horn on his forehead.
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Date:April 30th, 2014 12:24 am (UTC)
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Yes! I want to see this!
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