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Mekakucity Actors: A hikikomori guy has gotten some sort of AI girl on his PC who calles him 'master' but criticises him constantly. Then he gets cola all over his keyboard and he has to go out to buy a new one (because of Obon, mail delivery will take too long!). At the department store, a group of attackers seize the floor and take everybody hostage. Two mysterious guys offer to create a diversion so that our hikikomori can overcome the bad guys, and they use some sort of magic...
It has that same quick to-and-fro from Bakemonogatari, the same type of visual look and stylised character designs. And it has magic in a modern setting. Could be interesting, could be style over substance in the long run.

Mushiking: Popo is a very small human, living in the forest. His father dissapeared some time ago, to avert some sort of disaster in the east. And then Popo's mother turns into a flower, and Popo sets off to find his father.
A retro-sub, based on a card/arcade game. But this one has an actual plot, actual characters and is not shouty at all! Instead of featuring the game ('king of beetles') itself, it shows what the game is trying to emulate: Popo gets assistance from a beetle when he is in a pinch. The difference between this and the current crop of marketing-anime is shocking -- and the comparison is not favourable for the more modern anime.

Knights of Sidonia: Aboard a huge generation space ship, humans make their way through space. They have evolved/manipulated themselves (including photosynthesis and a third gender!), and they maintain a military that pilots mecha against a monstrous enemy called the Gauna. A lone guy has survived hidden away at the bottom of the ship, but he gets caught. The owner of the ship lets him pilot one of the mecha and he gets sent out on a sortie to procure water from a passing asteroid...
The setting is pretty claustrophobic, with a seemingly fascist-like government. There's mecha, there seems to be lots of stuff that's hidden from the people... And the whole thing is done in CGI (including the character animation), which gives everything a bit of a stiff look -- but the setting is so interesting (easily the most interesting setting this season!) that it is easy to overlook.
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