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We're nearing the end...

Abarenbou Rikishi!! Matsutarou: Matsutarou is a lumbering hulk of a boy, who has a thing for one of the teachers at his school. For the rest, he doesn't care about anyone or anything but himself -- he'd even take candy from his baby brother if he feels like it.
It started out interesting: not many series have the opening animation be a karaoke song by the main character. But Matsutarou is a total sociopath, and I could not find any redeeming qualities in him.

Escha & Logy no Atelier: Tasogare no Sora no Renkinjutsushi: Escha lives in a small frontier town and has been training as an alchemist. On the day she joins the R&D department of the alchemical centre, she is joined by Logy, a young alchemist from Central City. Together, they have to gather the ingredients to synthesize things to help the inhabitants of the town.
It's based on the various 'Atelier' games. The first episode doesn't have any action in it: it's just young people doing calm and cute things. The designs are cute, the pace is slow and the atmosphere is definately relaxing. Some dungeon crawling is being foreshadowed, but so far it's all very laid-back.

No Game, No Life: A NEET brother and sister are expert gamers. Working under the name of 'Blank', they take the top spot in any game they play, defeating even cheaters. But they are holed up in their room, unable to deal with life outside of games. Then they are invited by a god to a world that is ruled by games: conflicts are determined by games and the rules are apparent immediately. This seems like a good environment for the siblings to thrive!
Every NEETs dream: a world that's structured and clear, with the rules laid out explicitly. And if you're such a genius game-player as these two, you can create your own niche quite easily. I like the set-up, and I really like the designs and colour palette. It also helps that the two seem to care deeply for each other: they're really a team.

Isshuukan Friends: Kaori keeps to herself in class and seems cold and distant. Yuki is interested in her, and he manages to sort-of befriend her after some initial struggles. But then Kaori tells him that she loses all her good memories every Monday, so she simply forgets her friends after one week. Yuki is determined not to let that stop him from becoming her friend.
Slowmance with a twist! This twist is kinda bizarre, but I like Yuki's sincerity -- and it's a known fact that I have a soft spot for slowmance. The character designs are quite distinct as well, a style that I like a lot.

Oreca Battle: Another card battle anime aimed at young kids! With a plucky hero whose hair looks like he has cat ears! And of course they get transported to the world of the cards! And of course they must fight some bad guys with the monsters from their cards, which get turned into 'real' fighters!
And it is shouty! And stupid! And light on plot and explanation! And I wonder how much pocket money goes into these kinds of games that they apparently can support multiple series about these games!

Ping Pong: Two friends join the high school tabletennis club. They're so good that several seniors lose their regular spots for tournaments. Makoto is nicknamed 'Smile' because he never smiles -- he doesn't want to exert too much effort in anything. Yukata is nicknamed 'Peco' (for reasons unknown) -- he is a brash loudmouth. A rival school manages to get a player form China as a transfer student, and the two go there to spy on him -- he easily beats Peco in a duel...
It's about sports, but it is not a sports anime. Why not? Because it is too character driven, and the two protagonists are already very, very good: easily beating others. Sure, the Chinese player adds a challenge to overcome, but it's all very toned down, and not the shouty passion and baseless bragging you get with 'real' sports anime. It's done in a semi-realistic 'flat' style. Also, it runs in the Noitamina slot, so you know it's going to be good.

Ryuugajou Nanana no Maizokin: Jugo has come to the 'academic island' of Nanae. He can only afford a simple room, and he has to pay one year in advance -- no refunds. It turns out that his room is occupied by the ghost of Nanana Ryugajo who got killed in that room. She is one of the seven kids who built the island. Jugo has no choice but to share his room with her, because he is too poor to move somewhere else. He does find a hidden 'Nanana manual', which speaks of the hidden riches hidden by Nanana before she was killed -- somewhere on the island, curious artifacts can be found!
This seems like a much more light-hearted version of Magical Index/Scientific Railgun: same type of environment, with hidden things underneath. But instead of coldhearted killers and ruthless scientists, this series promises lots of adventure in order to find the secret treasures that Nanana hid.

Black Bullet: Gastrea is a viral infection that turns people into insectoid (or arachnid) monsters, with super strength and regenerative abilities. The only thing that works against them is the metal Varanium, and the power of other Gastrea. Rentarou is equiped with the Varanium bullets, and together with a young girl who can control her Gastrea infection, they fight the monsters to save mankind.
Blood splatters everywhere, and people get killed in pretty gruesome ways. And then there is the mysterious stranger who knows more about it all. And the young girl has inappropriate feelings for Rentarou. It's all been done before, and I don't need to see it again. There's too little innovation in the series' concept to grab me.

Kamigami no Asobi: Zeus has started a high school for (male) gods, and has added Yui, a human girl, to the mix in order to strengthen the bonds between the gods and humans.
I'm trying to find something that I can add to the description, but there is not much more to it than I've written here. It's a reverse-harem series (complete with the ending theme sung by all the boys) with a rather bizarre set-up. Yui seems to be devoid of any sort of personality, which doesn't help either.

Disk Wars: Avengers: Suppose you found out your father worked for Tony Stark, and created something called a 'DISK'? Suppose it's something like the ghost traps from Ghostbusters, in that it can seal a supervillain away safely? Suppose that you got invited to join your father during the unveiling? And suppose that Loki got his hands on some of these DISKs and unleashes some of these supervillains?
Yet another marketing vehicle, this time tied to Marvel superheroes. It's light on plot and full of fanboy-ery. Name-dropping and cameos ahoy, and nothing of substance.
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