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Apr. 11th, 2014 @ 10:17 pm More new anime
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I had the day off today, so we had more time to spend watching new anime!

Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii: Nike is the fourth princess of a small, poor country. In return for the protection of the Sun King, who has conquered most of the known world, she has to marry him. But Nike is a strong-willed young woman (who turns out to be an air magician to boot) and she decides to travel alone -- unknowingly avoiding the machinations of the imperial servants who seem to have their own designs for her...
It's nice to see a fantasy series that spent some time thinking up the background and scenery. And Nike is a likable character who is optimistic and trusting but is competent enough to defend herself and others if the need arises. She's in for a culture shock in her new life, but I'm pretty sure she'll manage to stay true to herself.

Baby Steps: Eiichiro is an autistic nerd: he has fixed orders to do things, his notes are thorough and systematic and he has a fixed order to eat his lunch. But he has nothing to be passionate about: he simply does the things he does because he feels he needs to prepare for some nebulous 'future'. Then he meets Natsu, the prettiest girl in his grade. She plays tennis, and Ei-kun is thinking of picking up an activity to keep in shape, so why not tennis? The flash-forward at the start of the episode shows that he will apply his methodological way of doing things to tennis as well.
It's a sports anime, but one with a very non-traditional protagonist. At least Ei-kun is not a natural talent: he needs time to process new information and discover the patterns -- not some Prodigy with a Burning Passion. The character designs are kinda weird though, and despite the twist it did not appeal to us all that much.

Gokukoku no Brynhildr: Ten years ago, Ryota had a girlfriend, but she died when they got into an accident. But then he gets a new classmate with a similar name and who looks just like her -- only ten years older! In the evening, she warns Ryota not to take the bus and stay indoors: she can predict people's deaths. And she is oddly powerful physically as well... It turns out that she is a witch, created by technology...
The build-up is kinda slow, but I liked that: it establishes the characters more firmly before we get into the weirdness that will drive the series. It's not a fluffy series though: there's quite a bit of blood splattered around, and the opening sequence promises a lot of hidden/magical conflict as well.

Dragon Collection: Hiro gets transferred into the world of Dragon Collection, a card-collection game about... collecting dragon cards and battling them against each other. The cards are powered by 'guts', and Hiro won't lose to anyone in that department!
It's a straight-up marketing vehicle to get young kids to spend their allowance on cards. Being aimed at young boys, it is also incredibly shouty -- but luckily the episode lasted only 12 minutes.

Fuun Ishin Dai Shogun: Set in Nagasaki, in the Edo period. Keiichiro is a punk who has conquered all of the other hoodlums in Nagasaki, and now he's bored. But when there is a string of mysterious murders, he gets involved with a woman who seems to be after all the male virgins in the city. It turns out that Keiichiro is actually a descendant of the shogun, who recently died -- and the big steam-powered mecha that can only be piloted by virgins from the Tokugawa clan is hidden under the bathhouse where he lived all his life. With that machine, he repels an attack by ninja who are after his life!
If you like cheap boob jokes, macho men with pompadour quiffs and lots of shouting, then this is for you. It's like a medieval version of Daimidaler, which should tell you enough.
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