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Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei: 100 years into the future, the race is on to produce the most powerful magicians -- you need those to defend yourself in the global war/struggle for resources. Tatsuya and Miyuki, brother and sister, have magic talent and are admitted to the most prestigious magic high school. However, Miyuki is better at practical spell-slinging and thus gets admitted to the top program (the 'Bloom') while Tatsuya is a 'reserve' (the 'Weed'). Of couse, the two groups don't really get along. And Tatsuya seems to hide a secret ambition as well...
It seems things are largely the same in 2100 as they are now -- a failure of imagination on the part of the writers. On the other hand, it keeps things relatable, and you can watch it as a normal high school action drama -- which is what we chose to do. It looks gorgeous, there's a likable cast of characters and there are promises of a deep plot.
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