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Apr. 6th, 2014 @ 09:27 pm More new anime
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Catching up and moving on:

Captain Earth: Daichi's father was an astronaut, but he died in an accident. Then Daichi sees a mysterious rainbow on the TV -- it appeared above the island where he used to live. He has seen it before: a boy he met at a mysterious facility produced it. When he visits there again, he enters the facility and learns that something is moving towards Earth -- someone has to stop it! A former associate of his father lets him enter a space capsule and launches him towards the object to stop it...
A mecha show, but unlike most, the first episode spends a lot of time showing our protagonist and his motivations, as well as the machinations of the secret organisation that protects the Earth from these objects (and somehow, they can keep rocket launches from an island in the Seto inland sea a total secret...). This makes the characters feel three-dimensional (as opposed to more shouty mecha shows that totally focus on the robot first: the plucky teenage boy is only there to spout nonsense about being an ally of justice or something like that), which I appreciated. The animation is pretty nice too: pay attention to the infographics on the screens as well!

Lady Jewelpet: Momona is a bit jealous of the bride of her older cousin, but she turns out to be a lovely lady. And then she is transported to some sort of castle where she is given a 'Magical Letter Pen', because a Jewelpet has chosen her as their Lady Jewel candidate! Momona now has to live in the castle and, mentored by the Jewelpet (a red-eyed rabbit on a floating glass marble), learn how to be a real Lady. When her class graduates, one of them will be chosen to become the new Lady Jewel, the queen of the land!
I'm not sure what message this series sends to young girls... There's lots of stuff that a lady supposedly needs: no doubt to drive the marketing campaign of the series of toys. It seems like a typical story of the outsider setting out to accoplish something that seems out of reach for them. And if you're over 12, you fall outside of the target audience!

Daimidaler: Kouichi is a total perv. To give you an example: he seeks out the best spots under the stairs to peek under the skirts of passing girls... But it turns out he can also emit Hi-ERo particles -- and that makes him a target for both the Emperor Penguin group (who proudly display their 'front tails'....) and a mysterious human organisation. You see, the Penguin guys have been launching giant robots and causing all sorts of trouble. Daimidaler, the robot built by the humans can defend the world, but it needs Hi-ERo particles to move. But Daichi can only generate them when he fondles the breasts of the (busty) lady sent out to recruit him!
Everything about this series is stupid. I'm not sure if I need to say anything more about this.

Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo R: Hajime is the grandson of a famous detective, and he is pretty sharp himself (though you wouldn't think so, seeing his grades). His friend Miyuki is approached by a talent scout to ask if she can stand in for a model. The model herself dissapeared, and the friend looks just like her. The show is in Hong Kong, too! There, she and Hajime meet up with a friend of theirs (who just happened to visit the city... He is a 'typical Japanese tourist', with a video camera perpetually glued in his hand). But then Miyuki gets kidnapped and they meet the original model -- apparently there's something to do with a big diamond and a tattoo on her back...
It's a typical boy's book, filled with coincidences and kids simply walking into places where they never would be allowed. Everybody coincidentally speaks Japanese as well. There is a mystery plot, but it's kinda obvious. And since this is a continuation of an older series, the designs seem outdated as well. If you like whodunnits, then it might be of interest to you.

La Corda d'Oro Blue Sky: Another incarnation of a reverse harem anime, focussed on classical music. This time, our protagonist already knows how to play the violin. While she was a child prodigy, she didn't get much better since. But all that is about to change: her friend's older brother forces her to transfer to his school and join the orchestra club at his school: there will be a concours in a few months' time to determine the top school for classical music, and everybody wants to win! Of course, she gets selected to join, and of course there will be lots of hot guys (each with their own personality) surrounding her.
You can see it coming from miles away. We've seen the first series of this franchise, and while that was fun, this series seems to follow much of the same patterns the previous one did...

Seikoku no Dragonar: Ash is a student at the dragon-rider academy. His dragon partner hasn't appeared yet, but Ash can ride the dragons of other people, which is unusual. He has a reputation of being trouble, and this gets him into trouble with another student, a princess. They agree on a race during the school festival, which Ash enjoys a lot. And then his tattoo activates, which means his dragon partner emerges!
A fantasy school series, with a few hints of a larger geopolitical landscape, so it probably won't focus solely on school life. The protagonist is an outsider, and it will be interested to see what he will do to gain the respect of his peers. I thought it was a very enjoyable fantasy romp.
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Date:April 7th, 2014 08:23 am (UTC)
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Re Lady Jewelpet: tell that to the My Little Ponies fans. Doesn't seem to stop them. ;)
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Date:April 7th, 2014 06:19 pm (UTC)
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As I understand it, MLP has the message that friendship is important and can overcome many things. That's not a bad message to have (for anybody, be they kids or adults). But if your message is that young girls should strive to a certain ideal image, then that's a lot more slippery!

(Also, I'm surprised you read all that. I didn't think you were interested in anime like we are.)
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