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More new anime

Three more:

Selector Infected Wixoss: Wixoss is a card game. Ruko gets a started set from her brother, so that she can make friends at school through the game -- it worries their grandmother that Ruko doesn't have any friends. And then it turns out that Ruko is a so-called 'Selector', who can see the characters on the cards move and hear them talk. Win enough battles, and you can make wishes come true! But there seems to be some weird, dark secret underneath too...
At first it's like Angelic Layer (remember that one?), but the dark dream-like sequences hint of a Madoka-like system underpinning the wish-granting... It might be fun, but it might get repetitive too. We'll give this one another episode before we make our decision.

Akuma no Riddle: Tokaku is an assassin, of the cool-and-competent type. She gets sent to a boarding school where she will be attending the 'Black Class'. Her mission: all of her classmates will be assassins, except for one. That one is the target, and the director of the school board needs her dead. It becomes immediately apparent that Haru is the only non-assassin, and she turns out to be Tokaku's roommate. There's more to her than only her bubbly personality, she seems to hide a dark secret from her past.
I don't understand the convoluted set-up. And the 'closed group filled with paranoia'-thing has been done more often -- and often better. It also doesn't help that Tokaku is devoid of any personality and the other assassins are not sympathetic.

Mushishi: Zoku-Shou: More Mushishi! The first series was on our must-see list of anime (as you can read here). The special that was broadcast some time ago got us right into the mood for more -- and the special was there to announce a new series!
Ten seconds into this episode, we were right back in the atmosphere of the series. It's, once again, a beautiful 'small' story of a 'normal' person crossing paths with mushi, and Ginko passing by and making some suggestions. What's interesting about this episode is that we see some sort of 'mushishi convention', where the mushishi gather for some sort of ritual and trade stuff with each other.
I can't recommend this enough.
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