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New anime

It's the new season! I'll try to keep up with the new anime as we watch it, but who knows?

Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou: Usa is determined to make his high school life more pleasurable than his period in middle school. It all starts off good: he will start living on his own in a boarding house (because of course his parents were transferred), and he spots a cute and intellectual girl in the library! And then he finds out his roommate is a masochistic pervert, the cute girl lives in the same house but doesn't seem to like his very much. And then they add the volatile college student who drinks too much because she was dumped by her boyfriend to the mix too.
It's a set-up we have seen before -- many, many times. But it's fun, and I think the slowmance between Usa and Ritsu could be sweet too.

Blade & Soul: Alka is a ninja, and she is on the run from the Empire -- though she is quite capable of dealing with the forces the Empire send after her. She ends up in a small village that the Empire wants to acquire for it's fertile soil, but the inhabitants don't want to move. Of course, the Empire doesn't take kindly to being refused...
OK, so it's fantasy, but it also has guns and performance enhancing drugs. The scenery is gorgeous, but the characters seem devoid of any emotion. Alka especially is a true example of the 'capable emotionless killer', which doesn't really do anything to forge some sort of connection to her fate. In the end, it didn't capture us despite the lush visuals and richly detailed world.
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