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New phone

I got annoyed with the bad battery life I had on my Samsung Galaxy S2 -- it's now over 2.5 years old, and even the new battery I got is giving out -- or perhaps I run an app that drains the battery too fast or something like that. After 24 hours, the phone is dead and refuses to start up again until I put it on the charger. While I don't use my phone that often, I do want it to be available when I want to!

So I decided to invest a part of my stake in the profit-sharing at TNJ in a new phone. I wanted a modern one, with the newest version of Android on it, but I did not want to spend a fortune on it. I think I'm done with premium phones like the Galaxy series: yes, it's an impressive piece of machinery, but I'm not going to get my money's worth out of it with prices like that. So I decided to get a Motorola Moto G -- the 16 GB variant.
It's only slightly larger than the SGS2, so I can re-use the sock that klik knit for me, which is a definate bonus. Only drawback is that it doesn't have a micro SD slot, so I have to make do with the 16 GB that's on the phone. So far, it seems like I'll manage fine.

Migrating is a breeze. I connected the new phone to my Google account, and all the apps I had installed on the SGS2 were downloaded and installed automatically. There was even an update for the OS ready, so that's nice -- I'm really running the latest Android version now.
The screen is roughly the same size as on the SGS2, but it has a HD resolution, which makes it very, very crisp. Video plays smoothly too, so that might be something to do for long train rides and the like. Battery life is excellent too, as advertised. Getting all my photos and stuff transferred was, again, a breeze with the Motorola Migrate app.

So far, I'm really pleased with my new phone!
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