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Current season reviews

The winter season lasts only one more week -- and I haven't even reviewed everything yet! Time to get crackin'!

Onee-chan ga Kita!: Tomoya's father re-marries. Tomoya gets step-sister out of the deal, who is four years older than he. She does all sorts of unexpected things.
The episodes are very short (only three minutes) because there is nothing original to write about such a set-up...

Nourin: Hata is the biggest fan of teenage idol Yuka, but she lives in the big city and he is stuck attending an agricultural highschool. Then Yuka announces her retirement from the entertainment business, and Hata is heartbroken -- but the next day, Yuka shows up at his school, attending as a transfer student!
This is what you'd get if you decided that Silver Spoon wasn't moe enough. If you missed that, then this is for you.

Mahou Sensou: Takeshi is a normal student, but then one day he meets Miu, who is pursued by a gang of tough-looking guys. They all turn out to be magicians. The rules are that magicians may attack other magicians, but not 'normals' -- if they do, they will be automatically (magically?) stripped of their powers. It turns out that Takeshi has some magical powers of his own, and Miu takes him into her world.
The first episode is certainly action-packed! I also liked the rule that magicians can only use their powers on other magicians -- that makes for a nice balance. Something tells me that the wizarding world of this series is quite unlike Harry Potter...!

Sekai Seifuku ~ Bouryaku no Zvezda: High school student gets kicked out of the house, with only the clothes on his back. He meets a little girl who steals his last food, claiming to be the master of a conspiracy to conquer the world. He dismisses it as just little kids' talk, but before the evening is through, he gets attacked by tanks and gets saved by the girls' minions! She offers him to join her organisation...
All sorts of random things happen, but I have the feeling that it's all internally consistent. The minions are a colourful cast of characters, and no doubt the highschool student we're supposed to identify with will act as the straight man for a conspiracy so absurd that it just might actually work.

Sakura Trick: Haruka and Yuu have been friends since middle school, and they go to the same highschool -- but while they are in the same class, they sit on opposite ends of the classroom. Because of this separation, they discover their true feelings for each other...
OK, so it's yuri. But it's bumbling and not very sincere in the portrayal of the characters. It's more played off for comedy, and that put me off.

Strange+: A detective agency who solves the case, no matter what! Even if they have to destroy the whole mansion to do so! And it's full of random stuff popping up!
It's only five minutes, and left us wonder what the hell we just saw.

Wake up, Girls!: A tiny entertainment agency is quickly failing. As a last-ditch effort, the manager decides to start up an idol group. He manages to contact a retired idol and assembles a group of hopeful amateurs. They start at rock bottom: the only way is up.
Most idol anime have the hopefuls stumble accidentally into the spotlight and attain immediate succes -- but that is not the way it goes. This series seems to portray that in an honest manner, which makes it interesting in a very unglamorous way.

Silver Spoon S2: More Silver Spoon, what's not to like?

Aaaaand that's it! Sure, there have been a few more five-minute episodes that we don't bother with, and continuations of series that we didn't watch -- so there's little point in watching the first episodes of those anyway.
I'll try to keep up with the new episodes for the next season, so that the reviews come in a bit more timely.
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