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Mar. 17th, 2014 @ 09:00 pm State of the Streamdales
Current Mood: pensivepensive
The first session of my Streamdales campaign was over a year ago (mid-Januari 2013, to be precise), and the campaign is still on-going. I let the registration for the campaign website lapse -- it didn't turn into what I had hoped it would be. But that doesn't mean there aren't interesting things to be talked about.

We've finished two scenarios, which were mainly talking and/or investigating. Everybody is having fun (one of the players is even inspired to run a Streamdales variant!), but I really need to watch for the Indiana Jones effect. Yes, the characters are not all-powerful (they are not the usual "murder-hobo's" that you get in D&D-like settings) and there are a lot of obvious and not-so-obvious systems working in and outside the view of the characters. That does not mean they are not important or can not influence where things are going.

In one year, we've had one fight. No-one is missing it, but the current scenario is a bit more action-packed. At least, when the group gets to the site of the festival where they will assist in a cleansing ritual. But it's kinda slow-going: I want to show the setting to the players, and they seem to enjoy hearing about little details -- but that keeps me in the role of travel guide instead of the gamemaster.

I might write up something about the two preceding scenarios if anybody's interested.
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