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New project

I've started a new project in my free time -- as if I needed more things to do! Last time we played Pathfinder, there was a lot of stuff to keep track of during combat. We were level 8, which means there were a lot of circumstantial modifiers possible. During a few rounds, I got a +2 to hit and for damage because of the bard singing a Bardic Song of Inspire Competence, I was Hasted for 8 rounds, which gives me my first attack in full and gives me a +1 to hit, I had expended two charges of my Nine-fold Spirit Sword to gain Banish Undead (which adds 2D6 of extra damage against such a creature), I had used my Scabbard of Vigor to gain a +3 to hit and +3 to damage for 3 rounds, and I had Challenged my opponent, which gives me another +2 damage bonus.

Calculating all that three times per round (once for every attack, with the to-hit scores differing) is a lot of work, and you tend to miss one or two things.

So I thought I'd make a Pathfinder Combat Tracker: input your regular attacks, the circumstantial bonuses you could get, and let a machine do all the work! And because you'd want this in a handy form factor, it would have to be a smartphone app. And because I don't fancy coding for both iPhone and Android but would love for the app to work on both, I decided to make a HTML5 application for it.
It's been slow going -- mostly because my Javascript is quite rusty, because I haven't been building sites in earnest for seven years now. Coincidentally, I spotted a book in the 'library' at work that someone had gotten at a conference: Mobile Javascript Application Development. Just what I needed, so I loaned it.
I've decided on JQuery Mobile as my platform (a good excuse to learn about JQuery itself too), and so far, things have been going quite well. However, I didn't really think things through, so I have had to re-write lots of code when I got new insights.

It'll get done eventually.
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