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Useless travel

One of 'my' clients is based in Rotterdam -- at the other end of the country. To make things worse, their office is in the city centre. Their parking space is so cramped that one of my colleagues had to leave his car through the boot one time. If I have to go there, I have to battle my way through highway traffic and city traffic. If there are no traffic jams (which hardly ever happens), it takes me 1:15 to get there. (The people are nice and the work is fine, though -- I just don't agree with their choice of office location. ;)

Today, I was scheduled to start with a new project for them. Yesterday I mailed my contact that I would be arriving 'early' and to ask him to arrange a parking spot for me. I didn't hear anything from him, so I just assumed that everything was fine on his end.
Since klik has to leave at 18:30 on Thursday evenings to get to her classes on time, I got up at 06:00 so that I could leave at 06:30 -- with some parts of the country being on holiday and it being early, I figured I could arrive somewhere between 07:45 and 08:00. That meant I could leave early as well, avoiding the worst of the evening rush hour, which would allow me to have dinner with klik before she would have to leave.

I had just turned off the highway to get into Rotterdam proper -- in fact, I had just passed the city limits -- when my phone rang. It was my contact, who had been taking the day off yesterday. He had three interesting things to tell me.
The first was that I could do the work for this new project at the office in Nijmegen. The second was that he did not have a parking spot for me, because he had assumed I would be in Nijmegen. The third was that he was still at home and would not be in on time to meet me.
It was then 07:45 -- time enough for me to turn around and get to the office in Nijmegen by 09:00.

When I told this to the account manager, he told me my working day had started at 08:00 today, and that I could leave early, and to write a full working day on the client's account. I got to go home even earlier than planned, which was very nice. So I was both pleased and annoyed, which is an interesting emotional state to have.

Still, it's a bit of a bummer of the 216 kilometers I drove needlessly.
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