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Lidded box PoC

The last bookbinding course, I learned to make a box. However, the lid was a bit special: one side of the box was a bit taller, and the lid was placed against that side. In the original plan, there was no linen or paper on the inside of the hinge -- you saw the board when you opened it up. Of course, that's not very attractive, so I devised a way to get some linen on the hinge itself. That involved placing a weight on the lid to let it 'sink into place' because there was now linen inside the hinge. One of the boxes I made like that was for my father.

Now, I want to make a book-and-box combo. I could use the pattern for the box from the course, but I didn't have a good feeling about the lid and hinge. Also, as the lid is the back-board of the book, I want it to fit precisely on the box: I want the box and the book to have the same 'footprint'.
This Monday, I got some fresh board and decided to create a little proof of concept for a lidded box with the lid on top of the box -- with the same size as the base plate. It took me two tries to get something that works and doesn't show any board in the hinge!

The back of the box. I did only the hinge, because I know I can do the other sides -- I just needed to work on this. Here, the box is closed and you can see that the lid lies on top of the sides.

The box opened. Here you can see that the hinge is on the outside of the box.

Looking from the inside. In this case, I first put linen against the inside of the hinge, but I think it'll be more pleasing to the eye if I do that last.

The box closes nicely too, so that's a bonus. Now I can start working on the book-box!
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