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Kitty savings

Last year, several friends of ours had various pet-related emergencies -- some of which had a very sad end, some of which were thankfully reversable. We came to talk about the cost of treatment for pets. Some had an insurance for the medical costs, but others had a savings account to save up for emergencies. If the pet broke something or needed treatment, the cost was deducted from the savings account. We liked that idea: there are emergency funds available, but if you don't need them, they're not gone (like they are in the case of an insurance).
We looked at the cost of various pet insurance schemes, and set an amount according to the premiums: presumably the premiums would cover most of the regular treatments, so that ought to be a good start. Then I set up a separate 'goal' for our savings accounts for the cats and set up an automatic transaction to put the money towards that goal.

Today, we took the cats to the vet. We had put their travel baskets in the living room a few days in advance, so that they wouldn't stress out the moment the baskets came into view. They even went and lied down in them.
Right by the time we'd had to go, Yuzu was lying around in one of the baskets, and Mikan was sitting on the couch. klik took her up and put her in one basket, while I closed the other basket simultaneously. Fastest basketising ever! Of course, the ladies were not impressed and protested their incarceration.
The vet was very satisfied with them: they are quite healthy. They got their shots and we took them home.

But now they're in debt, because we haven't saved up enough yet to cover the cost of the check-up and the shots. We'll be sure to make them work it off!
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