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Product idea: Book & Box

For Sinterklaas, I got the lot with klik's name. She had asked for a Japanese photo book, which I fortunately could order from the publisher. It even made it in time!

I wanted to make a surprise gift of it. Since the subject matter of the book is a grandmother and her cat, I collected some pictures of lolcats and made them in a small booklet. I then built a box (big enough for the photo book), with the lid of the box being the back cover of the lolcat book. So the result is a book that opens when you lift the front cover to the left, with below it a box that opens if you open the back cover to the right.
The end result was a bit rushed (I could not work on the surprise in the open, so it had to be done when klik was away from home), so I'm not entirely satisfied with the result. But the concept of a notebook with storage underneath somehow appeals to me. What if you make it a travel journal, and you can collect ticket stubs, tourist maps and leaflets in the box? Then you don't have to glue/stick those things in the book itself, while keeping everything together just the same!

I might make two or three and put them on the DrukGedoe Shop to see if they sell.
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