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Candied persimmon pt. 2

As I wrote earlier, I have experimented with candying persimmon. I cut up the fruit, made the syrup and then added the slices. Then, for the next four days, I took out the fruit and boiled the syrup for about ten minutes. Then when the syrup had cooled down, I added the slices again.

This is after one day in the syrup. I had added brown sugar for the syrup (didn't have enough white sugar), so the syrup itself was pretty dark. You can see the slices gaining a bit of a brown edge.

Second day. The slices are darker and have shrunk a bit as they dry in the syrup: due to osmosis the moisture leaves the fruit and it replaced with the syrup.

Third day. Shrunk, darker slices.

I don't have a photo of the fourth day, but after the fifth day, I decided that they're done enough:

The slices have shrunk a lot and the brown sugar is everywhere. They're quite sticky now, so we're going to let them dry for a few days. After that, we'll see how they taste!
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