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Finished series: Silver Spoon

We've finished watching Silver Spoon. My first episode review is here.

It's about Yugo, who attends an agricultural highschool in Hokkaido to get away from the demands of his parents in Sapporo. He is by far the student with the highest grades in the 'normal' subjects, but he is a total nit-wit when it comes to agricultural things. All his classmates are the sons and daughters of farmers who have a clear goal in mind, and their knowledge about specialised subjects is much deeper than Yugo's. In short: he is in for a culture shock.

It's played out quite nicely, and it shows how farmers treat their animals with a mixture of care, respect and business-like attitude. For instance, when Yugo wants to name one of the piglets that's been born, his classmates discourage him from doing so: naming the animal makes it so much harder to let go when they are sent to the slaughterhouse. He perseveres, and his tribute to 'his' piglet is moving.
But there are lots of other adventures: sneaking out at night to catch a glimpse of a super-large harvesting machine, baking pizza in a discarded oven, joining the horseback riding club (supervised by Buddha!) and things like that.

It is a really fun and interesting mix and it gives an honest look at life on the farm -- all the ups and downs. And Yugo quickly gains respect for his classmates and tries to fit in -- but his city-boy sensitivities still cling to him, forcing his classmates to look at their lives with other eyes too.

Every episode is fun and interesting -- and that's not something that every anime succeeds in. I highly recommend it, and I'll give it an 8.5. Apparently there's a second season forthcoming and I look forward to it!
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