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Steam and coop titles

Since switching over to the PC side of things for my gaming fix, I've been using Steam. Yes, it has DRM and all that, but it's convenient and effortless on my part -- so that wins out. And the restrictions are pretty reasonable too.
I got the Steam app for my phone as well. When I start it up, it switches to the 'Friends' view -- which is completely empty. I have no friends (on Steam), and that feels lonely. Even the recommendations work with the Friends that you made on Steam.

Currently, there's a huge sale going on. I've seen a co-op action RPG title that seemed cool. I could even buy a four-pack for a hefty discount, and gift three copies to friends so we can play together!
...Except I don't have Steam friends.

Add me on Steam! Account is fubfubfub! Especially if you like RPG stuff!

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