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Candied persimmon

I've started an experiment: I'll be trying to make candied persimmon. I've read recipes where they said to use firm fruit, and I'm not sure if persimmon is sufficiently firm. You don't want the fruit to dissolve in the sugar syrup!
I've cut three persimmon in slices, for 720 grams of fruit. The sugar syrup is now cooling off, and then I'll dunk the fruit in. From tomorrow on, I will have to take out the fruit, softly boil the syrup to up the concentration, and then put the fruit back in. After four or five iterations, the moisture in the fruit should be replaced with the sugar syrup, preserving the fruit. (I read that it should hold for eight months!)
After that, I might dunk the pieces in dark chocolate for an extra treat... if all goes well!
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