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Bundle of Holding

I've just purchased the Bundle of Holding, a pay-what-you-want set of RPGs (in PDF form) for charity. They have an anime-inspired bundle right now, so that certainly caters to my interests.

I've gone for the 'extra' set (which is still ridiculously cheap), which (amongst others) has a copy of Golden Sky Stories, a game about 'henge', animals with a tiny bit of magic that can turn themselves into humans, set in rural Japan with its mysterious forested mountains, shrines and quiet rivers. Think 'My Neighbour Totoro'.
I already own a copy of Golden Sky Stories, because I backed the Kickstarter that made the translation possible. Which means I now have an extra copy.

If anyone's interested, I would be more than willing to print and bind that copy into a nice hardcover. The only condition I have, is that you run a session for me (and probably some others whom I can interest). First come, first served -- leave a comment!
Tags: anime, rpg

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