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Finished series: Tamayura - More Agressive

We've finished watching Tamayura - More Agressive. My first episode review is here.

Fuu is determined to become 'more agressive' (or actually, more assertive). She decides to start up a photography club at school, and she gets support from her friends and a pair of teachers who do their best to let everybody know about the club's existance. The first (and only) member is a senior who won an award with her photo -- of Fuu during the lantern festival! She is a shy as Fuu, so they make a good combination.
Amongst other things, Fuu does a lot more travelling as well. She visits a lot of the places that were important to her father (all along the Seto Inland Sea), and she even ends up feeding the bunnies at Okunoshima with her mother.

Some of those travel moments are a bit tear-jerky, but overall the series maintains a cheery, slice-of-life vibe. It only irked me a bit that Fuu gets so easily flustered while all her friends seem to be very level-headed. Sure, it's a feel-good/bishoujo series, but I would have liked a bit more agency in Fuu herself -- even though she is determined to become 'more agressive', there's little assertiveness beyond getting the photography club registered.
Still, we had a great time watching the series. The locations are very detailed, and we've been in some of those spots -- that's always interesting to see. A great way to relax after a hectic working day. I'll give it an 8.
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