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Cleansing the office

This afternoon, one of the directors visited our office (klik and I are in the same room (with others)) and told us that he wanted us to swap places with a team that had gotten bigger and needed more space in order to sit together. They were now dispersed over multiple rooms, and that was less than ideal. Us consultants work mostly independently or in small project teams, so it's easier for us to spread out.
We had a choice of moving in the short term (today), the mid-long term (this weekend, but there'd be nobody else so that wasn't really an option) or the long term (Monday)...

So we went for the short-term move. After about thirty minutes, we were swapped out with the members of the team that were present, and had claimed the best spots for ourselves.
Then we played the Heart Sutra (sung by these men from Zen.nl) to cleanse the air of evil spirits!
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