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The Year of the Cat

One year ago, this happened. I posted the photos I made of the event one day later, here.

One year later, the cats have grown much larger and much more independent. They love going outside, but they also love lounging about on the couch. They've really integrated into the household. Like klik said this morning: "They're our cats, so it's good they're with us. Because where else would they be?"
A few months ago, I was in the car back from a client, listening to the radio. The theme of the programme was: "how far does your love for your cat go?" Of course, there were lots of crazy cat ladies calling in. But they also had an 'expert' on animal behaviour. He said that a dog loves his owner unconditionally, like a child loves their parents unconditionally. Cats, on the other hand, need some time to get used to you, and if your personality meshes well with theirs, then they will love you. And I am pretty sure that the cats love us, precisely because of that.

I have only one regret: they never sit in your lap. They only did that once, on the first evening they were with us. Ever since then, they won't come sit on your lap, and if you pick them up and place them there, they will immediately jump off. That's kinda weird.
(OK, when you lie in bed, Mikan will come sit on your chest, purr LOUDLY and bite your fingers if you stop giving her head scritches. But that's not quite the same!)
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