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I love the persimmon. A good, ripe persimmon has a lovely texture and a soft, sweet taste -- but not too sweet. Various local supermarkets have them in at the moment, for a good price, so we have acquired quite a mountain of them.

There is no Dutch word for "persimmon". Instead, they are named "kaki fruit". Interestingly enough, "kaki" is the Japanese word for persimmon. I guess us Dutchies need to be reminded that it's a fruit by appending that after it.
Japanese has many words that come from the Dutch language -- when the Dutch lived on Deijima, they introduced various new things and concepts to the Japanese. Since the Japanese had no word for it, they adapted the Dutch words for these things, and they still use those words. For instance, "biru" is the Japanese version of "bier" (beer), "dansu" comes from "dansen" (dancing) and "coohee" comes from "koffie" (coffee).

It amuses me that in this particular case, it's the other way around.
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