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I don't think cats understand that they can see better in the dark than us humans. And being the delightful kitties that they are, they actively seek us out: if you move around in the house, they come to check it out. When the alarm goes in the morning, they're sitting just outside the bedroom door.

So if you stumble out of bed in the middle of the night, they come running, sitting around in the dark landing waiting for your return from the bathroom. And you don't want to turn on the light, because there's a little window above the bedroom door. You don't want to wake up your spouse -- you just want to get along with your business and then slip back into the warm, warm bed.
And so you pick your way across the landing with care, but it is dark, and the cats have dark fur, and you can sort-of see them if they move around, but if they sit in one spot, waiting for you to pet them? Then yes, it can totally happen that you accidentally kick one of your kitties. Not hard, mind you: you're moving slow to avoid them, but you do give them a shove with your foot.

And then they run away, offended. Because they could see you fine, and they don't understand that you couldn't see them.

But in the morning, all is forgiven, and they climb up on your bed to cuddle.
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