Hein (fub) wrote,

Testing board

klik has re-bound a book for her sister. We tought it would be cool to make the cover full linen in black (her sister's favourite colour), with her name on the front cover. So I got out the hot foil press and experimented with it for a bit to get the text on the correct spot. In the end, we liked the silver foil better than the white.
We made a testing board, with a scrap op board and a scrap of linen, to help in positioning the text. With these things, you have to crete the cover first and then do the foil press - but if it goes wrong, you'll have to re-make the whole cover. Good thing we did, too.
It was a bit of a hassle for only one cover, but I did learn more about the machine. And her sister is getting a very personal book!

Tags: bookbinding

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