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- I caught some pieces of The 13th Warrior, and I kept thinking: "Oh, that would be a cool Rune encounter..." Yes, I'm a sad, sad man.
But, seriously, who would believe that a primitive stone-age tribe would have cavalry!? Also, the accents were all over the place! It would all fit perfectly in the tounge-firmly-in-cheek way of Rune.

- We got a Workmate 536 for our birthdays from klik's parents. Apparently the planks are made out of three layers of bamboo -- it probably has the best price/weight/strength ratio... It's a cool thing to have: now we don't have to abuse our coffee table if we want to saw something.
Together with the skil saw we bought and the 'rotary tool' (Dremel-clone) klik got for her birthday from my parents, we're all set to do some heavy-duty DIY'ing!

- We had to do some shopping. The supermarket had advertised that they would be open on Queen's day until 13:00. They gave the tip that it would probably be very quiet in the store, so we went there for a quick shopping expedition.
I have never seen so many people in that store! 20 of the 21 cash registers were open, and still the rows were five people long! Well, so much for a quick restocking of the fridge.

- Queen's day... what can I say? The inlaws came (with aforementioned presents!) and we went into the city center. Lots of old junk being sold, that's a given. The DAR (who are in charge of cleaning and garbage collection) put a large container near the Valkhof-park -- so that people could dump their unsold junk in there. I thought it was a neat idea.
We went to see the St Stevenskerk. I don't think I've ever been inside (though I did climb to the top of the tower during an introduction some 10 years ago, but those stairs are on the outside of the building). Really impressive building, and a volunteer even showed us the tomb of Catharina de Bourbon, the wife of the Duke of Gelre, who made the St Stevenskerk a chapter church.
I realised that I know very little of the medieval history of Gelderland. I must research this some more -- when we did a city walk in Deventer, there was also talk about a siege by the Duke of Gelre, so I'm pretty sure there are lots of interesting stories to be told.
Also, we ended up at the brewery (again). Unfortunately, we couldn't sit outside, but the inside is pretty nice as well (with an interesting clock). And the beer's the same!

- The code to debounce a button fed into a PIC works very well. Now I can continue writing the software for the LED clock! I also intend to continue soldering the LEDs on the print today.

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