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Mouse in the house

Today, I let the cats out of the back door, as I do often (especially during the weekends). And then, when I was sitting at my computer at the front of the house, I noticed the cats being kinda frantic about something that they were doing at the other side of the 'office'. I walked around, and I saw that Yuzu had a mouse in her mouth. It was still alive, and she'd put it down, swat it a bit and then catch it again.

I was... less than pleased. So I made a motion to chase them (including mouse) out of the back door again, but that resulted in Yuzu dropping the mouse and running off! The mouse took this chance to crawl under the boby trolleys we have, and the cats spent quite some time trying to squeeze themselves in between there...
They have since lost all interest in that area, and I haven't seen the mouse anywhere since then. But I'm not sure it escaped to outside, so it could be hiding somewhere.

Not too pleased about that.
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