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Finished series: Stella Jo-Gakuin C3-Bu

We've finished watching Stella Jo-Gakuin C3-Bu. My first episode review is here.

In middle school, Yura was too shy to connect with her classmates. So for highschool, she decided to change for the better and make real friends! That's easier said than done... But her roommate is the president of the Command-Control-Communication (C3) club at this prestigious girls' high school, and the members persuade Yura to try it out. C3 is basically the airsoft club, and so they do all sorts of tactical games in the old school building.
Yura does join, and soon fits right in with the crew. She gets some special training to learn to master her airsoft weapon -- all with the help of an ancient kami as well! But then she gets too enthousiastic and forgets to have fun. This results in the club president getting hurt while saving her, drilling her teammates too hard and even cheating to win the final of a 24-hour tournament!
Yura gets confused, retreates from the C3 club and then gets kicked out of her new team to boot. But of course, she turns around again and manages to re-connect with the other members of the C3 club when she remembers what fun she used to have.

The plot isn't that good, and the animation (especially the parts when they are not doing airsoft) isn't that much better. But it's a fun romp, and it's cool to see the different ways to play the game (which, incidentally, is illegal in the Netherlands). I could have done with Yura's journey of self-discovery being a tad shorter, so that we could get to see more tournaments or special games.

I'll give it a 7. Not a high flier, but competent in what it does: a bishoujo series of little consequence where the girls actually kick ass.
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