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Finished series: Inu to Hasami wa Ysukaiyo

We've finished watching Inu to Hasami wa Ysukaiyo. My first episode review can be found here.

Kazuhito is an avid reader, and when he gets shot by a robber, he refuses to die because he hasn't read the final volume of a series by his favourite author. He reincarnates as a dog, and somehow his favourite author (who turns out to be the 20-year old girl who was in the same store when it was robbed!) can hear his thoughts. She takes him home to shut him up, but ends up letting him stay as her pet and reading assistant. She does have a sharp pair of scissors (in a thigh-mounted holster) that she wields as a weapon, most often directed at poor Kazuhito.
And then a long list of unlikely characters enter the series: the masochistic editor, the obsessed younger sister who insists on cooking weird curry, the maid who hides a spear in her broom, the young author who hides subliminal messages in her books, the idol who is also a bestselling author, etcetera. Things like slasher attacks, writing challenges (the one way writers settle their differences!), trips to hot springs dedicated to blades... it all happens in some sort of wacky stew.

And while it's fun enough, somewhere along the way you realise that the series itself is pretty pointless. There's no plot, no progression, it's just a series of weird things strung together, with the known characters moving along their assigned courses and new characters needed to spice things up again. Around episode 9, we were ready to be done with it.

It's not bad, but it's not that interesting either. I'll give it a 5.5 -- barely scraping by because of the pointlessness.
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