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Another Japanese translated RPG Kickstarter

Yesterday, I got an update about Golden Sky Stories, a project to translate a Japanese 'feelgood'-RPG to English that I backed on Kickstarter. I already have the final version of the core rulebook in PDF, but there's still supplemental content coming out that was set as stretch goals. I'm waiting for the final version of all that stuff too, so that I can print it out and bind it in a handsome volume.
But anyway, the update pointed me to the direction of another Kickstarter project that aims to create an English translation of a Japanese niche RPG: Ryuutama (short for "Dragon's Egg").

By the time I got there, it had already reached its funding goal -- in fact, it achieved 300% funding within 24 hours... I looked over the information (there's a ton of it, including a link to the full Japanese version!), and I'm pretty impressed. And so I backed this project as well...
Again, I went for the digital rewards, and I'll bind it myself.
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