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PIC Inputs

I've been toying with inputs for the PIC, but I just couldn't get it to work. This evening, I found the cause, and it's pretty obvious: if the inputs are not connected to the ground, they start to 'hover' somewhere between 0 and 1... So now I've connected the pin to the ground (via a 10K resistor, because you don't want to short-circuit stuff when you put 4.5 V on the pin by way of an input), and it works!
I should have realised this, I guess. Anyway, I now have a circuit that shows the button's 'contact bounce' -- because it's really all analog signals (pretending to be digital), there's a threshold value for whether something is considered a 0 or 1. When you press a button, the voltage through the switch may 'bounce' a few times, generating a rapid succession of 0's and 1's.

Tomorrow, I'll test out some de-bouncing code, which was the purpose of this whole excercise.

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