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Last of the new anime

Last batch of reviews!

Freezing Vibration: Apparently a continuation of a series of two years ago, which we didn't watch. And after watching this episode, we didn't feel the need to do that.

Kuroko no Basuke 2: Second season of Kuroko's Basketball. We watched the first series and were glad we finished it -- it got a bit repetitive towards the end. And this picks up right where the previous season left off, which meant it's just more of the same.

White Album 2: This one guy is all that's left of the Light Music Club, and the cultural festival is coming up. All he does is play a particular song on his guitar, and the top music student of the school in the studio next door always plays along on the piano. Then one day, he hears someone sing along with them, and finds out it's the school idol who was having second thoughts about participating in the miss contest at the festival.
The '2' in the title suggests that it's a continuation, but rather it's a new series with a similar theme as the previous one -- and so it's stand-alone. We liked it, because the character seem genuine (as opposed to the various stereotypes that are so common, such as the tsundere heroine) and so it seems like an honest highschool romance story.

Magi - The Labyrinth of Magic: It's the second Magi series and this one, too, picks up right where the previous series left off. We enjoyed watching the previous season (a very lively adventure series), so we'll be checking this one too.

Kyousogiga: A monk is able to grant life to his drawings. One of his drawings is a whimsical black rabbit, and the rabbit falls in love with him. A boddhisatva loans her body to the rabbit, and she and the monk live together. But the main branch is not happy about all of this, and so the monk draws a version of Kyoto for them to live in, together with their children -- but then the parents leave and the children are left behind to live in some sort of sanitised Kyoto. And then a group arrives from outside: a girl and two demons, sent by 'the shrine'...
This first episode made much more sense to us that the 'zeroth' episode we watched earlier. The style is great and the backstory interesting. We'll be checking this one out.

Yozakura Quartet - Hana no Uta: Another series featuring the quartet of human and monsters who work together to keep the peace in a city where people and youkai live together. It seems to be some sort of reboot of the series that was aired five years ago, as the characters are re-introduced to us. The first episode shows some troubles to come, as the team has to contain an outbreak of giant goldfish!
I liked the original series, and I liked this one too. Nothing too strenous, but fun to watch.

Aaaand... that's it for this season!
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