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More new anime

I find that it's easier for me to stay on top of things by writing the reviews just after we've seen the episodes, so I try to keep it up. If you don't have any interest in anime, then I apologise for spamming your friends list -- but since I tag all my anime reviews (both first episodes and full reviews) with the tag 'anime', you can filter those out of your friends page.

Tokyo Ravens: Magic is real, and state-sponsored shamans contain the various 'spirit crises' that occur in the country. But Harutora lives a quiet life out in the country -- even though he is a descendant from a powerful shaman family -- he's only from the 'branch family', and his cousin (I guess) Natsume is studying hard to become a shaman worthy of the family name. Harutora's would-be girlfriend seems to think he should study to become a shaman too, but he himself is not soo keen on that. And then a powerful shaman captures him and threatens Natsume with 'illegal magic'.
Interesting mix of modern times and traditional sorcery: apparently shamanic robots exist. And while it might be a battle anime, it's not as shouty and doesn't have as much bravado as usual. I like our reluctant hero as well.

Gundam Build Fighters: There's this game where you build a plastic model of a Gundam fighter, and then battle against an opponent in some sort of VR arena. Sei is a master builder, like his father who won 2nd place in the national tournament, but he is not much of a pilot. He helps out at his mother's 'gunpla' shop, while dreaming about finding a pilot partner who can take his creations through the tournaments. When he meets Reiji, it seems like his wish comes true.
It's like Angelic Layer (remember that one?), except with Gundam models. And yes, it's a series aimed at younger boys, but it has the same earnest characters like Angelic Layer. I liked watching it.
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