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I guess it had to happen sooner or later: I've fried one of the microcontrollers. They don't like being 'fed' the wrong way (i.e. 5V on where the chip wants 0V and the other way around). It got pretty warm too.

During my first year at the university, I had a course called Machines 1. We had to design and build several circuits with logic gates. My partner for the practical assignments was rupertdaily. I still have fond memories of going to his place on sunday evenings to make the homework. Afterwards, we'd chat about everything and nothing. I think I introduced him to RPG's during one of those sessions.
Anyway, every pair of students had their own tray with chips. On a breadboard, we'd build our circuit, and the output was always with LEDs. But once in a while, you'd mess up and blow up one of those chips... We'd always toss the chip back into the tray and pretend nothing had happened, but near the end of the year, most of the chips in our tray were dead...

Electronics work on magic smoke: if the smoke escapes, the component doesn't work anymore! (There's even an electronics community called magic_smoke...)

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