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Golden Time: Banri comes to Tokyo to study law. But he gets lost and misses the opening ceremony -- and then he loses his way to the law building. He meets Mitsuo, another first-year law student. They meet Mitsuo's girlfriend -- that he tried to get away from. She is a rather forceful person (she whacks him in the face with a bouquet of roses (with the thorns removed) to congratulate him), and then it turns out that she has changed her plans and now attends the same university! Meanwhile, Banri is slowly getting used to what it means to be a college student.
It has all the markings of a romantic story. It's refreshing that the characters are grown-ups instead of first-year highschool students, and we liked the set-up.

Ace of Diamond: Eijun fails his final pitch in middle school and slaps his opponents when his teammates are ridiculed. He gets scouted for a prestigious high school in Tokyo with a big baseball program none the less -- but there he sees a senior ridicule a pitcher, and decides to step in.
A sports anime -- about baseball. With all the trappings of such. And with the customary shouty dialogue. Not our thing, but it's refreshing to see some emphasis on the team aspects of the sport.
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