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New anime

Again we checked out two new series tonight.

Outbreak Company: Shinichi reacts to a job posting seeking otaku. He answers all questions for the test correct, and then gets fed coffee with a sedative. When he wakes up, he is in another world -- a fantasy world that is reachable through some kind of portal. As part of a cultural exchange, the Japanese have tried introducing manga and anime to this world, with great success. But they need someone knowledgable to run the company, and so Shinichi is made general manager, tasked with bringing otaku culture to this world! But first, he needs to get to grips with the fact that he lives in a mansion with a half-elf maid and a lizardman gardener...
Fresh concept, very amusing. Looks good too.

Strike the Blood: On an artificial island, far off to the south of Tokyo, is a preservation for supernatural and magical beings. Koujo tries to live a normal life there, but since he is the Fourth Progenitor, a powerful vampire, he gets followed around by Yukina, a spear-wielding magician. He just wants to be left alone, but she has to make sure he is kept in check.
Rather clich&arcute;d, and you can see the plot coming from miles away. It'll probably turn into some sort of fighting anime with Yukina/Koujo on the run from various nasties who want to have the power of the Fourth Progenitor for themselves.
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