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Sep. 2nd, 2013 @ 10:07 pm Skyrim Quest Mod: Wyrmstooth
Current Mood: pleasedpleased
So, we are led to believe that the dragons enslaved the humans of Skyrim long ago, and now they're back and trying again. Or at least, that's the story -- but there's not a single dragon who is actively trying to subjugate a city or village. All they do is fly around a bit and attack anything that comes in sight. Most dragon perches are on remote mountain tops, and the dragons there seem content to just hang out there and leave the humans to their own affairs. So... there's not much enslaving going on.

But in Wyrmstooth, your adversary is a Dragon With A Plan. A plan to actively enslave the human population of the island of Wyrmstooth. What starts off as a simple dragon hunting mission, ends up with a lot of dungeon delving, discovering the dragon's plan and trying to thwart it. Quite epic.

But once that's done, there's still the rest of the island to explore! There's the ever-present bandits (of course), but also some remote dungeons, an outpost of the Vigilants of Stendar, and you can even purchase your own castle! There's a lot to do on the island, and it has some neat dungeons. It even has some neat new spells -- you even get to possess a Draugr to solve a dungeon puzzle.

It's not as big as the DLCs, but it's not that much smaller. The island is big and rife with locations and adventures, just how I like 'em. This one comes recommended!
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