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The upgrades of the past week

Last week wednesday, the glassfibre modem was installed. Two guys came over, drilled through the wall, pulled the cable in and connected it to the modem. In no time at all, we were connected -- but since the line wasn't activated yet, not much happened.
Until last Wednesday, when we got the 'do it yourself' installation kit -- basically a Wifi-enabled router and a short telephone cable. In the accompanying letter, I read that I somehow did not uncheck the option that would get me a technician to install it all for me, for the sum of EUR 70. Not only am I more than capable to connect a few network cables, I also need stuff like port forwarding configures -- something the technician would not help me with. The activation date would be September 6th, when also the phone-line would be ported over to the new connection.

So on Thursday I called my provider and had them scratch the technician. And while I was at it, I asked them to activate the networking at that moment. There's no good reason to wait for more than a week, merely because the procedures for porting the phone line take that much time. So the friendly woman at the other end checked a few boxes and it was connected.
That evening, I connected my laptop directly to the modem, but it didn't work yet. So I called again, and it turned out that there was a second checkbox that needed to be checked -- I don't know why, but they checked that box, and ten seconds later I had a connection. It took me some time to set everything up, including DNS configuration and switching over the Wifi SSID and password to our usual thing (so that everything simply connects to the new router), but then we were up and running on our glassfibre connection!
Downloading a typical fansub episode (around 500 MB these days!) takes only a minute... Streaming from Crunchyroll at 720p (the native resolution of our TV -- higher doesn't make sense) is fast and smooth... I think I can get used to these speeds.

And klik had been complaining about her computer for quite some time now. With an Atom CPU and only 2GB, it had gotten a bit... anemic to do all the things she does with the machine. And so I looked at the most recent Tweakers.net Desktop Best Buy Guide, decided on the Basic System and ordered all the stuff I needed from two different shops. And then I found out that one of them sent through the mail, and the other through some courier service with the depot in Geldermalsen (about an hour per car from here)!
I was determined to have the courier leave a note and then have them deliver at the office, but that afternoon I looked out of the window and there was a truck of that courier service outside the window, delivering something to the neighbours below the office. I went outside and asked the truck driver if he had tried to deliver a package at our adress -- he had. I showed him my driver's license (to show that I am who I said I was) and got the package. That saved everybody quite a bit of time!
And then I found out that I didn't have everything I needed after all -- a Molex-to-SATA power cable, a 2.5"-to-3.5" convertor bracket, stuff you find out you need once you open up the case to install it all. That came by yet another courier service -- but this one has their depot mere minutes from the office, so that worked out well.
This afternoon, I installed everything, and klik is now enjoying her new machine! The faster processor, increased memory and the SSD is making for quite a smooth experience.
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