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More new anime

Are we nearing the end of the list? Well, here's some more reviews to bring us a bit closer.

Gin no Saji: Yugo starts attending a highschool specialised in agricultural education. Not because he wants a carreer in that, but because it has dorms and is far away from home. However, he gets more than he bargained for: he has to pull his weight in the day-to-day running of the school farm! Now he has to get to grips with knowing where eggs really come from...
Very amusing: city boy ends up next to farm kids who are used to this kind of stuff. I like the portrayal of the characters: the farmers might not have the head for abstract stuff like Yugo, but they know other things that his city life insulated him from.

(And I suspect this anime is part of a campaign to get more Japanese youngsters into agriculture. Existing farmers are old, young people go to the cities. This means Japan has to import most of its food, which is of course a bad place to be if the global food prices are rising. This anime and both Moyashimon (and a few others, like that kids' thing with Ibaraki-san) promote agricultural knowledge and education. Might not be a concerted campaign, but it seems like farming has gotten new respect in the eyes of the Japanese.)

Hyperdimension Neptunia: Cute girls who are personifications of game consoles! They're queens of their respective countries, and they ended the war by making peace! And now they roam around the world, helping their people! And the characters have squeaky voices too! And it doesn't make any sense at all and merely consists of eye candy!
Remind me to steer clear of the console games this is apparently based on.

Kimi no Iru Machi: Haruto moves to Tokyo to attend highschool there. His motive is suspect though: he had a thing with a girl who moved to Tokyo, and he hasn't spoken to her since (or so it seems). He meets her younger sister who calls him a stalker. And there's the friends of his older sister (who already lives in Tokyo and where he moved in) who tease him about his accent.
You know how all those 'romantic comedies' are actually all about stalkery types? Yeah, this seems to be along the same lines.
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