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Aug. 21st, 2013 @ 11:51 am New anime
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Uchouten Kazoku: Before the humans arrived at the area what is now Kyoto, the tanuki, tengu and others were already there. Some of them adapted to life in the city, shifting their shapes to pass through the city without drawing attention to themselves. But that doesn't mean they live as humans do: there's intrigue and various power plays going on, with the lovely city of Kyoto as backdrop.
A really interesting concept, lovely animation and great characters. The first episode set the stage, now I'm curious to see the rest!

Genshiken Nidaime: Even though the original crew has graduated, Genshiken lives on! However, the new members are all into yaoi, and the club threatens to drift from its founding principles and turn into a fujoshi circle. Ogiue needs to offer careful guidance to her freshmen, but luckily the 'old hands' make regular appearances too.
Genshiken returns! Of course it makes the list, that goes without saying.

The World God Only Knows: Godesses Arc: Third series about Keima, who is a master of dating sims and who is tasked with making girls fall in love with him to exorcise the demons posessing them. But this time is a bit different: three godesses have possessed three girls that Keima had 'saved', and they start to remember all that had happened! Not only is this a problem for Keima (who dislikes 3D girls), but it also presents new challenges.
I really hope we get to see a bit more about the back-story of the whole thing. The previous series have all focussed on how Keima 'captures' the girls, but the whole system with gods and demons... there's something more going on, I think.
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